Posted on: February 4, 2008 2:51 pm

End of the line

Well, that's it for the Pats. Looking back at this year, it was a great one, for many reasons.

1. The Patriots made this season great. After they beat the Colts, everyone started watching/paying attention to every game they played. The quest for perfection, no matter how much you hated the questers, was a big story.

2. The Cinderella motif was all over the place. The Packers and the Giants were 2 teams which came back from the dead to claim places among the league's elite. So, in a way, were the Jags and the Bolts, though neither team did well in the postseason.

3. Marvelous seasons gone to naught. I'm thinking primarily of the Cowboys, but the Packers, the Colts, the Lions, and the Patriots all fell short too.

4. Records. Brett Favre, #421. Randy Moss, #23. Tom Brady, #50. The Giants, 10 straight road wins. The Patriots, 18 straight wins. Hey, they came a field goal short. That shouldn't discount this season's accomplishments.

5. The teams that sucked. With no further ado, they were:

The Dolphins, the Falcons, the Rams, the Jets, and the 49'ers.

6. The Return of the Redskins. Here's the chronology: the 'Skins suck, Sean Taylor dies, the 'skins stop sucking, the 'skins go to the playoffs. Who cares if they lost?

7. Of course, there's the David vs Goliath story as well. How can you neglect it? The Giants' win over the Patriots in SB 42 has to be one of the best ever.

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Posted on: January 23, 2008 12:37 pm


I hate Kentucky. As a devout Gator, I hate Kentucky.

But when a crappy Kentucky team knocks off 2 big-time (ranked) SEC opponents, that's when I have to cheer. Because I hate Tennessee too, and while I don't really HATE Vandy, any team that stands in the Gators' way is evil. I realize that conference play is yet young, but every little bit helps. and Florida's been winning the right games. So with this loss, not only will Tennessee fall in the rankings, but FLA is also tied for 1st in the SEC east. Not bad for a rebuilding team.

In other news, the Patriots may be the best team ever. Gosh, will I get tired of the speculation. I already am. WHO CARES? The good teams are the ones that win the Super Bowl. Here's hoping, of course, that the Pats dont win the SB, but you know they probably will. My hatred for the Pats is pathological--equal to my hatred for TOSU, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida State, and Duke. And North Carolina. And USC. I'm a hateful guy.

But anyway, the Pats may be the best team ever, the Detroit Red Wings are murdering the world of Pro Hockey (who cares), Rick Rodriguez is slippery, tennis is going on, I guess, or something, and same with golf. Or not. I don't really know, and I don't really care, and there will be a ton of crappy news these next couple of weeks.

Hey, thank God for Kentucky. Makes things interesting.

Posted on: January 22, 2008 10:48 am

'sup with the Pistons?

What's up with the Pistons? They've lost four of their last five. The team that everyone thought would challenge Boston for supremacy of the East is slipping. Of course, a 29-10 record isn't terrible. Some teams would kill for that kind of talent. But the pistons aren't themselves. I think the problem has to do with various factors, including the fall of Tayshaun Prince. He used to be a legitimate scoring threat as well as being incredible on defense. But recently he's fizzled in a large way. Another thing that I've noticed is that the bench hasn't been coming up so big recently. It's too bad, because the pistons' bench is remarkably deep, but they just can't seem to get it together. Finally, the threes need to start dropping again. Only with everyone's help can the Pistons snap this skid.

Posted on: January 21, 2008 6:06 pm

In Mourning

A lot of good came out of this season. So did a lot of bad.


Good: Greg Jennings' development.

Bad: Bears sweep.


Good: a running game.

Bad: a tendency to not use the running game.


Good: A great season for Brett.

Bad: a great season for Brett. Let me explain this last set. Brett's great season is what set off the playoff run. But this offseason, he will look at himself and say, "can I do it again?" This is the type of season which might prompt him to "leave on a good note".


Good: Re-establishing Lambeau as the Frozen Tundra.

Bad: Losing key games at home. (Like yesterday's.)


Good: 4.

Bad: 14.


Thanks a lot, Brett. Thanks a lot, Grant, Jennings, Driver, KGB, Kampman, Harris, Woodson, Bigby, Lee, Crosby. You guys rocked this year. It's been one to remember.


But I'm still In Mourning for what could have been.

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Posted on: January 19, 2008 9:40 am

Keys to success for Green Bay

There are Keys to Success all over the web, so I thought I'd just add mine.


1. Establish the pass. If Favre can get the ball out early, especially, the run will become so much more potent. The weather will be crappy for the air attack. But the Packers need to make the possibility of a passing attack dangerous.


2. Get Ryan Grant off to a good start. Last week he opened up with two fumbles in 5 minutes, which turned into 14 points for the Seahawks. He turned it around, into the franchise playoff rushing record. But that's not going to happen every time. He's young. He needs confidence. So that means, get him the ball fairly often, and allow him to make the big runs. He can.


3. Make Brandon Jacobs beat you. What I mean is, eliminate the possible threat of Manning, and dare the running game to beat you. One might ask, why not put the game on Manning's shoulders, and let him beat the packers? Because he can. For some reason, he is hot in the postseason. It is entirely possible for him to carry his team. I'm not certain, however, that the Giant's run can carry the team.


4. Create turnovers. The Packers haven't really been forcing a ton of turnovers, and that's what will be the dagger against the Giants.

Posted on: January 18, 2008 9:44 am

Mad about Grant

So there have been multiple stories on Ryan Grant vs the Giants. It's driving me crazy. Of course, rushing for more yards in the second half of the season than anyone except LT is bound to get you noticed. Its just that the people who interview Grant can not seem to get it through their thick skulls that when someone says they aren't playing for revenge, they mean it. Why should Ryan Grant be playing for revenge? Here are my top five why Grant should be thanking the Giants for trading him:

5. He had a bad rep in NY. I mean, ok, you can't land on the guy too hard for the freak accident, but still, that leaves a bit of a bad taste in coaches' mouthes. Now in GB he has a clean slate. No real history of fragility.

4. He was going nowhere in NY. He was behind such starter possibilities as Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw. He should be glad he went to a team that needed him...

3. Like Green Bay. Look who was on the depth chart ahead of Grant in GB: Brandon Jackson (injury-prone, rookie), Vernand Morency (limited success last year, fumble-prone), and DeShawn Wynn (injury-prone, rookie). There was no monster RB for Grant to beat out for this job. It was just a matter of time before all the guys in front of him got pulled for one reason or another.

2. Responsibilities. In NY there is not such a demand for talent at RB, because of the Qb's last name. People expect Manning to produce. People expect Favre to produce, but his age tempers some demands. And on the Frozen Tundra, the run game is vital.

And 1. Ryan Grant should thank the Giants for trading him because HE'S DONE SO WELL IN GB. If I were a running back, going nowhere with my current team, and they traded me away to a team that might need me (see 3 and 2), and I went on to get so many touches that I almost broke the 1000-yd mark IN 8 GAMES, and then I faced my old team in the playoffs, would I be boiling with rage and burning for revenge? Of course not.

So, to everyone who says Ryan Grant will play with a chip on his shoulder, like he's out for blood, shut up.

(But here's hoping he plays like it.)

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