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End of the line

Posted on: February 4, 2008 2:51 pm

Well, that's it for the Pats. Looking back at this year, it was a great one, for many reasons.

1. The Patriots made this season great. After they beat the Colts, everyone started watching/paying attention to every game they played. The quest for perfection, no matter how much you hated the questers, was a big story.

2. The Cinderella motif was all over the place. The Packers and the Giants were 2 teams which came back from the dead to claim places among the league's elite. So, in a way, were the Jags and the Bolts, though neither team did well in the postseason.

3. Marvelous seasons gone to naught. I'm thinking primarily of the Cowboys, but the Packers, the Colts, the Lions, and the Patriots all fell short too.

4. Records. Brett Favre, #421. Randy Moss, #23. Tom Brady, #50. The Giants, 10 straight road wins. The Patriots, 18 straight wins. Hey, they came a field goal short. That shouldn't discount this season's accomplishments.

5. The teams that sucked. With no further ado, they were:

The Dolphins, the Falcons, the Rams, the Jets, and the 49'ers.

6. The Return of the Redskins. Here's the chronology: the 'Skins suck, Sean Taylor dies, the 'skins stop sucking, the 'skins go to the playoffs. Who cares if they lost?

7. Of course, there's the David vs Goliath story as well. How can you neglect it? The Giants' win over the Patriots in SB 42 has to be one of the best ever.

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